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George Orwell’s 1948 novel 1984 (Dean, 2003) tells the terrifying story of Big Brother watching everything from a telescreen. Winston is a person unhappy with this life that somebody monitors his move every second, somebody decides what he must do, what he should eat, or when he can sleep, he is at their disposal. He meets Julia who also hates the Party and wishes to rebel against it as he does. They fall in love against the party rules. They get in trouble with O’Brien who is spying for the government. He monitors Winston and Julia and he detects what is between them from a camera which is hidden behind picture in the apartment which Winston rents. A major theme from the novel is how power can be abused with bad consequences. The movie version of George Orwell’s popular novel 1984 was released in 1984 and written and directed by Michael Radford and produced by Simon Perry. In this paper I will compare the manner in which one event has been adapted by the filmmakers; and I well concede a point; in addition I will synthesize the opinions of two Film Critics. One common event that is in both the novel and film is when Winston and Julia are getting caught by Thought Police in the rent apartment and taken to Ministry of Love. When they get caught by Thought Police it is overall similar in both the novel and the film. The first point of similarity is that the characters of O’Brien and Winston are similar in the novel and the film. O’Brien is a nasty and sadistic person who likes controlling people. Winston is a scared man although he shows some courage in front of Thought Police. The second point of similarity is the events when Winston and Julia are caught by Thought Police are similar. Winston and Julia began to meeting away from th... ... middle of paper ... ...far from his work place, he is coming to the work late. A month later he received a warning letter from his manager because his attendant , this is happen with two colleagues bout they didn’t reserved warning letter, they decided to leave the work identity somewhere and who come first he should pass the identity of all. Weeks later manager discovered what is happening, he had to take strict action towards them, but he doesn’t know who have the identities; he put a hidden camera above the sealing device. He discovered that Khalid and his friends who are doing this. He decided to draw them a warning letter but since Khalid has one before, he decided to expulsion hem from work. This story relates to Orwell’s theme that power can be used to control, because if the manager did not take action against the rest and in particular Khalid, he could not control others.

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