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Transportation of concepts and ideas evolved throughout the books and shorts story’s to show how society can develop to the time which we are living in now. Ray Bradbury once said “Books do not have to be taken away, men just stop reading them.” Ray Bradbury expresses his idea using the first convention of science fiction which is that “Stories represent themselves as Prophetic Day Dreams.” Ray Bradbury said that “I am not predicting futures, but preventing them,” ( Through the transportation of ideas in his time period he came up with the world of Fahrenheit 451, a world were being intelligent and think for yourself is not allowed. Those ideas and concepts are seen in the Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury, as the pedestrian in the story walks and is arrested. We are never told exactly why he really is arrested but throughout his journey he is thinking and analyzing the world in which he lives in. Walking is illegally in both stories because walking allows us to slow down and reflect on things around us. Robbie by Isaac Asimov reflects on a robotic age where robots are made to be like humans but are not accepted in society. The transportation of idea from that novel is found when Isaac Asimov’s law of robotics is used in various novels. Those laws which state a robot “may not injure humans” are broken in Fahrenheit 451. The idea of robots being used in as humans for personal comfort, in the short story Robbie are seen in “the Long Years” when Hathaway a character in Martian chronicles by Ray Bradbury makes a robotic family for comfort. The Time Machine by H.G Wells shows the development of a society that neglects education and shows the concepts and ideas used in Fahrenheit 451. The ...

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...osition to the governments holding the people back.
The dystopian world of Fahrenheit 451 is the parallel world we live in today because millions of people have Facebook’s and they all try to give their own on ideas and options about everything under the sun. Books are burned in Fahrenheit 451, but as Captain Beatty explains in the book that was the choice of people to stop reading it just became law to please the people. As Ray Bradbury said people just stop reading, and the transformation of information is stopped. People stop learning and growing in their societies. Their language becomes that of the childish Eloi people they cannot speak or act intelligently. Ray Bradbury said he is “not trying to predict the future but prevent it.” The transportation of ideas and concepts can keep the flow of education in society and keep us from committing self-destruction.

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