the war on drugs

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Since the reign of Nixon in the presidential office the drug war practices have led to the conviction of millions of Americans – excessively poor people and people of color – while this drug war is continually failing in the reduction of drug use and drug related disease and overdose. The major problem with the war on drugs is the way authorities – like government officials – are handling the situations brought upon through the drug war. A solution to the war on drugs would be to create safer way to help drug users across America. Drug courts are not the answer to the war on drugs; health centered offices are the approach to drug use in America. Placing millions of non-violent drug users behind bars does not solve the solution of drugs in America; it only limits the amount of drug use in the time period that the “offender” is behind bars. As said by Robert Steele (CIA: High-Ranking Official) in the movie American Drug War: The Last White Hope, “the drug war is a perfect continuing example of why we will never win the war on terrorism, because it captures the ineffectiveness of the U...

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