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Two children, a boy and a girl, decide to make a time capsule and bury it at the edge of a farm, under a big oak tree. While digging, they unearth a metallic object the size of a shoebox. It appears to be a container, since it rattles when they shake it. But there is no obvious way to open it. Prologue “Don’t run off too far!” Mom warned Alec, as he rushed out to the fields of the farm, further and further away from our sight. It was the third day our family and my best friend, Damien came over the stay at grandpa’s farm. I sat next to Damien, while we were both being entertained with some colouring books and building blocks. I kept peering at the window, thinking of how much fun Alec was having outside the farm. Mom didn’t trust Alec taking Damien and I out in the farm. She thought that he wasn’t responsible enough and would involve us to do something dangerous. Throughout the day, mom, dad, and grandpa talked about their adult business and how life has been the past year. Damien and I continued messing around with whatever we found in the house. From, telephones, to banging pots and pans. Everything seemed normal the way it was suppose to be. But, that was not the case when the evening came. The weather was especially bad, with a huge storm hitting on our area and the towns around us. I sat down on the couch with my favourite pyjamas on and an extra blanket because of the chilliness. I heard the wind roar like an angry beast, and the rain was hitting against the window. The sky was pitch black with menacing rainclouds, until lightning stroke hard. “Where is Alec?” I asked mom. There was a worried look on her face. “Something doesn’t seem right, we have to go out and check.” Mom announced to dad and grandpa with a wor... ... middle of paper ... ...e portal. I kept my hands fixed in Alecs’. It seemed like he wasn’t getting pulled by the portal. The surge of wind got heavier as my distance from Alec and the ground grew further. Alec’s grip became weak like he was going to let go. Instantly, I inched my hand up to Alec’s hands again and held on tighter yelling as loud as I could. “Alec, Hold on!!” Alec cried, “Breilynn!! Breilynn!! Don’t let go!!” My hands were getting tensed and I could feel all my blood streaming towards my arm. Fortuitously, I lost his grip and Alec fell down onto the ground. “Breilynn! Breilynn!”, He kept repeating in sorrow. I looked into his eyes, seeing the tears continuously spilling out. “Alec!! Alec!!” I cried out. The distance between us became so great that I was not able to see his face anymore. “Alec! Please don’t leave me! Alec” I shouted. “A-AAA-L-LLL-EEEEE-CC!”

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