salvation history and our easter vigil

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Welcome to our celebration of Christ and his light that will lead us past the evils of Satan, as he himself was able to do. In order to understand today’s celebration, we must take a look at the history of salvation and how it brings us to being baptized into the life of Christ.
To being we take a look at the creation of man. The Lord created the world and mankind in 7 days, with the 7th day being the day of rest. (Book of Genisis) He begun by creating light and darkness, or as we commonly know it as day and night, and then the creation of the heavens. On the second day he created the sky, where the dome he surrounds our land with is the sky, then went and created the sea, where the basin of water separated the lands from each other and from the sky. The seasons were then created on the fifth day as well as the plant life and seeds that created our fruits and trees so bountiful to our lands. The fourth day was used to create the lights and stars in the sky, and on the fifth day sea monsters and crawling creatures were created. Day 6 was the day of creation for man and animals, and as said at the beginning, day 7 was the day of rest where God created the covenant with the people and the ultimate promise to human beings. This is called to seventh oneself, to become one with God. After creation, we take a look at the fall of man, discussed through the etiology of how we came into certain things.
Eve was tempted by the cunning serpent, who symbolizes life and fertility. This serpent convinces her to take an apple form the tree God had said not to eat from, and eats the fruit. (Gen 2) From this comes Gods fury and wrath for the serpent and Eve, where he makes the serpent move on its belly for the rest of existence, and for Eve to s...

... middle of paper ... servant. He is sought and chosen as the piece that draws Israel together, in him we see the Lord and his people in Israel.
Through the baptism of oneself, we are becoming one with God as he leads us into salvation and away from a life of sin. In the understanding of his love through the creation of the earth, the fall of man, and the covenants we have, we experience his gift of wisdom and are then able to be brought into the light. The exile of his people was our lesson, and we must accept God and his word in order to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. In Lords name we are saved.

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