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Happy Loman and Biff Loman are two very different brothers. While Biff understands that his father was living a delusional life Happy wants to take on his father’s dream to prove he had the right aspirations. Willy was not a good role model for his boys he betrayed his family on many different levels. He cheated on his loving wife, was an ungrateful friend and a father who taught his kids all the wrong values. Willy always choose Biff over Happy when they were younger and now Happy feels he must act like Biff in order to appeal to his father. When Willy realized he wouldn’t be able to live out hi ream he invested all his hopes into his sons, and became disappointed in the way they turned out, not realizing that his shallow dream of success has influenced both Biff's disillusionment and Happy's shallowness. Biff Loman is desperate to impress and please Willy. He tries to follow in his father’s footsteps but even after years of trying is unable to meet his father’s standards of success. Unlike Willy and Happy, Biff does not have materialistic dreams; he is self-aware and values the ...
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