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• When Christianity first began they adopted all sorts of pagan religious aspects in to their ways of warship.
• Early Christians did not believe in fitting so they protested against the romans peacefully.
• People thought that it was very admirable for the Christian's to die for what they believed in.
• Although early Christian's where peaceful and excepted parts of other religions, once they took control of Europe they abandoned these noble practices.

•Christian’s lasted longer than Jews because they chose to protest against romans non violently while on the other hand Jew took up arms against the romans.
•Romans specialized in taking over land and not groups of people, sins the Jews had a specific land were all of them lived they were easier to kill then christens, who were everywhere.
•Jews spoke a language that no one else new, while christens spoke Greek the most common of all languages at the time. While both were suffering because of romans, only christens got sympathy from other people.

•Although Christianity caused many problems for Rome it is not the only cause of the fall of Rome. Rome fell from a combination of many different problems including Christianity.
•Christianity was a peaceful religion and as more and more people converted there where less and less people willing to fight in Rome's army's so Rome had to hire soldiers.
•These hired soldiers were not cheap and that lead to budget problems which lead to more problems and so on.

•The Romans hate the Christians a lot, and sins everyone hate the Christians it was easy to blame everything the romans did wrong on the Christians. So when a Roman leader did something wrong the Christians were punished.
•Since the Roman leaders did so many bad things that Ch...

... middle of paper ... was a fir it would spread quickly because building where so close together and if a building fell over it would create a domino effect.

•As more people in the empire became Christin the roman army shrunk because Christians where pacifists and did our believe in valance.
•There for Rome had to hire troops from the people that were invading them.
•Rome did not have a very loyal army because they were loyal to the jungle and not to the state.

•Romans beloved in more than one god and each god was in charge of a different thing or part of life. They also beloved that the emperor was a god also they did not believe in just one god.
•While Christians refuse to except that the emperor was a god. But the Christians beloved in one all powerful and divine lord that controlled everything. They also beloved in some very microbe traditions like baptisms in human blood.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that when jesus began to perform his so-called meticals, the current rulers of jerusalem feared that he might take over. when rome sized control over jerusalem, they told the romans that jesus was guilty of treason.
  • Opines that they gave him the same punishment as anyone ells he was hung from a cross as public display of what would happen if anyone was suspected of treason
  • Opines that jesus was not all good as the bible tells you there were some people that claimed that jesses had stolen things from them and to the romans he was a thief.
  • Explains that roman emperors were usually a few days old, because other generals would try to become one. they focused on protecting themselves and keeping themselves in office.
  • Explains that many people were getting lead poisoning in rome because the pipes that deliver water to the city where lead was found.
  • Opines that rome did not have enough money to pay people so a lot of them were unemployed.
  • Explains that the christians loved one all powerful and divine lord that controlled everything. they also loved microbe traditions like baptisms in human blood.
  • Explains that christianity caused many problems for rome, but it wasn't the only cause of the fall.
  • Explains that the emperor did not focus on rome or the wellbeing of its people which caused problems to grow.
  • Explains how rome's buildings were cramped together and the roman army shrunk because christians were pacifists.
  • Explains that rome didn't have a loyal army because they were loyal to the jungle and not the state. they loved more than one god and the emperor.
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