The Fall and Rise of the Roman Empire

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How powerful the Roman Empire was! Rome the ultimate country of its time slowly declined and vanished from our world. After starting with a small settlement off the Tiber River in Italy Rome expanded its borders and claimed territory around the entire Mediterranean and more. Rome also lasted for over a thousand years elapsing over late B.C.E and early C.E. In spite of all that, Rome was far from perfect. This powerful state was brought to its collapse through challenges that would be cataclysmic to the governments of world powers today. Rome’s descent was mostly from the inside out. Internal issues of Rome such as political turmoil, social apathy, weakening military, and over taxation fueled this country’s decline. Social apathy was beginning to spread throughout the empire. The majority of citizens were neglected forcefully excluded from political participation, rejected from the army and had no other choice but to live off the land (Document 4). This oppression towards the people caused many citizens to feel like the old civilization was not worth saving (Document 4). Furthermore, corruption and turmoil grew in the political system of Rome. From 235-285 C.E Rome lost eight emperors to assassinations (Document 1). The government’s desire for money became more important than its job to protect its citizens. In Rome wealthy lawbreakers go unpunished, while the poor were forced to undergo their chastisement (Document 6). The state was beginning to lose three virtues it was built on: patriotism, discipline and devotion to duty. The lack of these three values weakened the social and political systems. The military system of Rome was once viewed as a fierce and influential force. The late Roman army was much different. It was a ... ... middle of paper ... ... occupations (Document 8). The Middle class of Rome then sank into poverty. At the very same time when there weren’t enough jobs Rome was reliant on slave labor. To make the situation worse many believe that slave labor prevented Rome from achieving technological advances; that would have helped relieve the economic downfall of Rome. The Downfall of Rome started from the inside with: political turmoil, social apathy, weakening military, and over taxation. The citizens lost their sense of patriotism in the country creating a trend of social apathy. Negligence and laziness brought the once great military to its knees. Lastly over taxation polluted the economic system causing a rise in poverty. Rome had to face adversities it could not overcome and the importance of acknowledging them is to ensure that the countries of today’s world do not make the same mistakes.
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