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In the Oedipus at Colonus, there are three major themes of the play, prophecy, guilt and death. Each of them is part of how Oedipus’ life plays out. The prophecy told that he was the killer of his own father and married his mother, and how the guilt, he had for committing these acts, by gouging out his own eyes; and how after his family disowned him then wanting him to help them knowing that whoever was on Oedipus’ side would win the war. Also where Oedipus’ body should be laid to rest after his death.
What is a prophecy you ask? Well a prophecy is a foretelling of something that is to come. For example how your life will journey to, and how it will end. In the play of Oedipus the king, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone, Oedipus’ life is told by an old blind prophet. Oedipus goes to the prophet to find a cure for the city, since city has a plague. This old blind prophet, Tiresis, refuses to tell Oedipus about the cure. At some point I think that the prophet would tell Oedipus how to save the city, which he would. But the prophet doesn’t. The king becomes angered, causing Tiresias to state that he, Oedipus, will be the one to pollute the city and he is the murderer of Laius. Tiresias, the prophet, is accused of being in cahoots with Creon to attempt to usurp his throne. So he kills his father and married his mother. I think that Oedipus should have realized that Creon was just trying to replace him, in the end Creon gets what he deserves.
When he does visit the prophet, Tiresias, he learned that he adopted. It comes out that Oedipus was the unknown man who killed Laius from the revelation that the old king was killed at the same crossroads Oedipus remembers from his fight. In addition, it is revealed that Oedipus was the child Jocas...

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...k him years to understand that what he did was wrong and with his guilt, he takes his own sight from him. As he climbs this hill to get back some peace he become a prophet and predicts Polynices death, which he accepts it his death. At the end of Oedipus’ life he has a peaceful death and will protect the city of Athens. I think that the three themes of this play, illustrated that no matter how hard someone tries to predict their lives, it will always be in fates hand. And something greater than Oedipus want what is best for him, like the gods giving him a peaceful death.

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