Oedipus Essay Outline

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1. Introduction
2. Plot of the play
3. i. Analysis of the play and the life of Oedipus ii. The affectivity of the play
4. Conclusion

Oedipus Rex
The play starts at the doors of the king’s palace with some beggars at the door steps and the priest gathering branches of olives for wreath. Oedipus, who is the king of the place, asks them why they are grieving and praying all the time. People who had come to the palace wanted to have a word with the king concerning the things that were happening in the palace (Foster 35). The king, on the other hand, promises them that he will help them in whatever they want. In addition, citizens of this land had found themselves in a number of calamities; the reasons as to why the …show more content…

In this case, he is shown to have attracted a curse since at young age; he was blinded to sacred laws of hospitality. The king Lauis and Queen of Thebes decides to kill the infant Oedipus; but the person sent to kill hesitates to do so. Other than killing him, the servant sent takes him to the mountain to die out of exposure (Brown 254). Instead of dying out of exposure, he is rescued by a shepherd who takes him to Corinth and he is raised as a childless king. Having the knowledge of the fact that he is not the biological son of Polypus, he attempts to get full information of his biological father. The prophet does not consider telling him that he is destined to be married to his mother and kill his father with his …show more content…

People are blinded from seeing that the prophecies of the oracles will surely come to be and from the fact that it could be the source of the plagues that had befallen Thebes.
In another scene of the play, the proclaimed king of the land decides to search for the murderer of the king. He is warned by the blinded priest that he should abandon the search but he insists on carrying it out. He is committed to ensuring that the murderer is brought to book. At this scene, he is blinded to realizing that he is the one who committed the murder (Brown 254). He then asserts that the priest is one of the accomplices who could have colluded to kill the king. He then orders for the elimination of the priest and ensures that he continues to fight to know who killed the

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