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1. Earlier in this course we saw the Homeric view of the role of the gods. Discuss three ways or examples that TRAGEDY teaches us the power of the gods and how humans are to behave in the face of them. How do we see magic being used?
While tragedies are a form of entertainment, they are also a form of worship. Thus they constantly include lessons about the power of the Gods. These tragedies often use myths in which a person makes a mistake to a God and pays the price for it.
One of these famous tragedies is Hippolytus. Euripides wrote Hippolytus. The main character Hippolytus worships the goddess Artemis and ignores the goddess Aphrodite. The play starts out with Aphrodite saying why she is going to punish him. She says, ” I shall punish Hippolytus this day. I have no need to toil to end: much of the task has been already done.” She punishes Hippolytus by making his stepmother, Phaedra fall in love with him. Hippolytus is asexual. Phaedra tells her nurse about her love for Hippolytus. The nurse then tells Hippolytus, who feels disgusted about it. Phaedra commits suicide and leaves a note saying that Hippolytus raped her and out of shame she killed herself. When Hippolytus’s father comes back and sees his dead wife and read her suicide note, which says, “Hippolytus has dared to rape my wife. He had dishonored God’s holy sunlight.” Hippolytus immediately tells his father he did no such thing, but his father still after banishes him from the kingdom. But instead his father’s curses causing Poseidon to make his horses kill him by dragging him. Artemis eventually tells Theseus what really happened. The lesson of this story is that as humans we should love and worship all the God’s because if you ignore some of them and they get a...

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...pse… at last his life was quenched, And the unhappy man gave up the ghost…” Medea used her magic for evil in this case. She used it to kill.
Another tragedy where the use of magic is discussed Hippolytus. The nurse talks about it with Phaedra, as a solution to her natural love. She says,” there are some magic love charms, spells of enchantment; will find some remedy for your love-sickness.” In this case magic is not being used to necessarily cause harm to anybody, but rather to help somebody. If Hippolytus is charmed by magic to fall in love with Phaedra, then maybe Phaedra to get over him and return back to normal. I believe magic shown in both ways, it can be used to cause harm or to be used for good. Medea was using magic for a good when she was saving Jason every time he was in danger. But when she wanted to kill the king and the princess she also used Magic.

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