mexican american war

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The Mexican American War was a conflict between the United States and Mexico. This was a war over land, Mexico was fighting to keep the land that they had acquired from their independence over Spain. The U.S. wanted more of Mexico’s northern lands and especially Texas. One of the main causes of the Mexican American War was the “Manifest destiny” that meant that the U.S. had a God-given right to colonize the whole continent of North America. Another major cause of the Mexican American War started with the Texas War of independence. In the 1820s Mexico had actually permitted Americans to live in Mexican territory, Mexico needed settlers and started to colonize it but the only difference was that the Mexican government was taxing and controlling the population in their territory. Americans having this Manifest destiny idea did not want to live over Mexican dominance. A large number of Americans migrated west searching for land, most of those areas had people living in them but that didn’t stop them, they thought that Americans would do a better job of governing the land then the Native Indians and Mexicans. Manifest Destiny was a view that most Americans and especially President Polk had in the 18th century, which led to America stealing a territory that wasn’t rightfully theirs.
This conviction that the U.S. had the God-given right to assume control and "humanize" the North American continent came to be more famous as additional Americans settled in western lands. The way that the majority of the prior regions as of recently had people living on them was typically overlooked, with the state of mind that Americans, with its high standards and Christian morals, might improve way to govern than the Native Americans and Mexic...

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...s approved by the U.S. and also Mexican Congresses. The treaty was for the extension of the northern partitions of Mexico to the United States. As an exchange, the U.S. consented to pay $15 million dollars to Mexico as payment for the acquired region. The grit of the singular Mexican warrior goes far in demonstrating the trouble the U.S. had in ending the war. Lack leadership for the Mexican army was horrendous, in comparison when contrasted with the American authority. Furthermore in huge numbers of the fights, the prevalent cannon of the U.S. ordnance divisions and the creative plans of the officers turned the tide against the Mexican army. This war cost the United States around $100 million dollars, and finished the lives of over 13,000 U.S. men. America had crushed its weaker and to some degree disarranged southern neighbor, yet not without paying an awful cost.
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