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Literature Review Section

This section discusses the research related to reduce the wastage of blood products including blood bank inventory management, various policies and methodologies used for blood bank centers of United States as well as in other parts of the world. The concepts and tools applied to these studies are directly relevant and correlate with my research project. Therefore, I have decided to discuss on these articles for my Literature Review section.

I. Overview of a Redistribution System for Near-Outdate Red Blood Cells Units

In March 2006, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine published an article regarding redistribution system of near-outdate RBCs Canada. Many remote hospitals in northern Alberta of Canada stored small on-stocks of RBC units for emergency issues. In Canada, the blood supplier does not accept any returned units into inventory due to concerns of storage and security of units. The discard rate of RBC units was quite high even the stock level was very small. Therefore, the main objective of the study was to transport near-outdate RBC units to a high-usage hospital site resulting in reducing overall discard rates. The chance of using near-outdate units to high usage hospital is more prior to expiry. This would decrease the discard rate within the entire community serviced by the blood supplier.

The proper blood transportation system was developed and validated in order to transfer the near-outdate units to these high-usage hospitals. The transport temperature of each box was monitored and recorded by thermometer. Standard operating procedures and forms were developed and distributed to each site. Staff members were provided with proper training and demonstration of performing the pr...

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...oratory should consider electronic crossmatching procedures, as they help to maximize the product in available inventory.
5. The NBA also proposed implementing nationwide BloodNet Fate module (the national online ordering and inventory management system). It enables the laboratory staff to easily report discards for all blood and blood products. It will provide a complete data set to analyze and identify trends and reasons of discards. The BloodNet provide the set of reports of inventory levels, unit discards and associated costs.
6. The collaboration of the existing inventory management projects with the Blood service and National Blood Authority enables better practice inventory management. Documenting and promoting existing better practice in inventory management through the development and dissemination of studies provides improvement in techniques and tools.