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Nature is a beautiful entity, which many people do not realize the exquisiteness of. Once one can truly connect and become one, they will receive the gifts of it’s presence. In the short story “A White Heron” the main character, Sylvia, finally sees all the aspects that nature has to offer. “A White Heron” is a story about the young girl coming in contact with a hunter who shoots birds for his collection. Sylvia stumbles across the man when he whistles at her while she is leading her cow home. The man is looking for a place to stay while he continues his search for the special white heron bird. Sylvia’s grandmother then proceeds to tell the man how much of an affinity she has with animals. Knowing the young girl could help him reach his goal; he offers her ten dollars if she could find the unusual bird. Sylvia realizes that this money could greatly help their family, so she sets out on a quest to find the white heron. The next morning, she climbs a huge pine tree in order to see out into the world, and attempt to locate the bird. As she is climbing, she has an epiphany and suddenly...
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