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“Get up Andy, you do know what day it is, Right?” hissed his mother. Andrew Wilkins awoke from his deep slumber moaning like a child and began to rub the sleep from his eyes. As soon as he gently arose from his bed, his mother ripped apart the curtains unleashing a torrent of light which viciously attacked his eyes. He buried his head into the pillow and tried to figure out what his mum was talking about. “Remember, Andy” She asked as she grew more frustrated. “You have to meet the big man today!”
The bulb eventually flashed in his head, he remembered, it was his big interview today. He cringed as he remembered last year’s interview: Far too many “umms” and “emms” messed up his chances and eventually he just froze up in front of the boss like a deer caught in the headlights. Thinking about it, he was shocked that they even invited him back again for another interview this year. However, this year would be different. This year he was prepared. This year he had sent off his letter for the interview five months earlier. More importantly, he had also thoroughly researched the company and especially the boss. The boss was a great man. He was world renowned for his charitable contributions towards children. A fat, wise, jovial man; maybe plump would be a better word to use. He almost had a mystical and magical air about him and that’s what made this interview special.
His mother barged through the door and hollered at him once more. “Andy, get your lazy butt in the shower, do I have to do everything for you around here”
Andrew smiled with an impression of confidence and replied “Don’t worry, mum, today I become a man”
His mum laughed uncontrollably and sarcastically replied “Yeah, all great men have been known to stay at home with ...

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...ady calling out a name over the Christmas music dispelled the tension. The bow tie bearer shot up and moved into the adjacent room. “Guess everyone deserves a chance” thought Andy
Ten minutes of nerves and perspiration passed until the old lady called out his name. The former stress disintegrated. He slowly walked up to the giant red door which was garnished with holly and a wreath. Above the wreath, towered the name of the boss. Cautiously, he stepped through. Upon reaching the glorious gate he caught a glimpse of the man himself. The boy transitioned into a sprint and landed in the bosses lap. The boss received him happily and gave out an almighty “Ho, Ho, Ho” The boys eyes gleamed as he awaited the first question. “So tell me young man, what would you like for Christmas?” He had been preparing for this interview since July. This would be the best Christmas ever
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