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The long Day’s Journey into the Night is an autobiography play written by Eugene O’ Neil in the 1941. It is a drama in four acts with characters like Cathleen, Edmund Tyron, Mary Tyron, James Tyron and Jamie Tyron. As the names suggest, the characters in the play have something in common; they are from the same family. The play begins in the Tyron family, which is not living a happy life. The youngest son in the family, Edmond, is sent to a sanitarium by his father and is not pleases with the decision. It is his father who sends him there so that he can recover from tuberculosis. His mother is not in good position to help him because she is wrecked by narcotics. On the other hand, his brother is addicted to alcohol and cannot help the family in any way as he loses his job because of his behavior. This is the environment in which this play is set. Mary, the mother of Edmund is addicted to morphine. The condition started when the doctor prescribed the medicine to her after giving birth to Edmund. The characters in this play have unbearable behaviors which the father has to put up with. Indeed, the scenario was not the same when the family was young and new. During those old days, the family used to do most of the activities together. This could be seen whenever they had a walk, a discussion or taking a drive. This has changed as no one is talking to the other due to the differences that emerged in the family. A theme of AuthorLastName3 romance is illustrated clearly in this play. James is so attracted to women. His romantic gestures are evidently shown in the play. The play also shows the other side of Tyron who is the head of the family. He illustrates that he is stingy by sending Edmund to the sanatorium just to cut costs. Jamie a... ... middle of paper ... ...lict. The fighting, which involves issues that can be resolved amicably, is only an avenue to hide their emotional problems that have rocked them. Drug abuse is the only way for persons to get lost in their own world, avoiding possible discussion of real issues AuthorLastName6 affecting them as a family (Shaughnessy) The theme of forgiveness is not highly noticeable in this play but it contributes a lot to the formation of the play. The characters in this family have their differences. Despite all the differences and they have, the family is able to live under one roof. This means that they have generally accepted their behaviors and forgiven each other for their reactions. Edmund shows a good example of forgiveness where he changes his life to a better life which earns him a good career but still does not despise his family for the behaviors they have (Bennett 274).

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