What Are The Similarities Between A Separate Peace And A Separate Peace

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In the novels A Separate Peace and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time there are a number of themes. The books have so many similarities in them. All of the characters love and help each other get through things that are tough in their life. One of the problems that all of the characters face is being lost. This isn’t one of the themes that I chose, but I think it puts them together nicely. Most of the characters want to be put back on the right path in the story. By the end of the novels, they all achieved this goal. The three things that helped them do that were the friendships and sheltering that they had and the forgiveness they gave and received.
Forgiveness is a very important skill to have. It can help you retain friendships and rekindle old ones. There is so much forgiveness in the novel A Separate Peace. When Phineas is pushed off the tree limb during the school year, he brings up the idea that it was Gene’s fault he fell, but dismisses it right away. Gene goes to visit Phineas at his home during the summer. He tries to explain to him that it was indeed his fault.
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In A Separate Peace, Gene has to go to school during WWII. He finds a friend named Phineas to help him through all the struggles school can give you. Gene doesn’t understand until the end of the book that Phineas pushed him to do things that he never thought he could. Even though they had their struggles, they were friends until the end. This is almost like what we see in the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. In this book, Christopher's father was his best friends. He always made sure he was okay. When Christopher learned he was lied to about his mother and that his father killed Wellington, he stopped trusting everyone. In the end of the story, Christopher's father ended up being there for him and he regained all the trust that was lost between them. Both of these stories show how important friendship can

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