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Being in love can make a person become more caring, happy or sympathetic; however, it can have a downside. Love can cause problems in and out of the relationship. Similar love problems occurred in the play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The power of love often consumes reasoning and common sense, resulting in serious consequences. This theme is exemplified through Romeo’s actions, the entire play, and current music/art.
To start with, Romeo, blinded by his love for Juliet, was unable to see the consequences of his actions. For instance, Romeo snuck into Capulet’s garden to see Juliet. “For stony limits cannot hold love out, and what love can do, that dares love attempt. Therefore thy kinsmen are no stop to me” (II.ii.72-74). In this response, Romeo reveals that he does not care for the consequences of his actions. He is madly in love, that he has lost his common sense. To add more fuel to the fire, Romeo dares to risk death to be with Juliet. “But thou love me, let them find me here. My life were better ended by their hate, than death prorogued, wanting of thy love” (II.ii.81-83). His words reveal that he has completely lost his reasoning and cannot see the reality of the situation. Romeo’s world is revolved around the sun, Juliet, and he cannot bear losing her. Later in the play, this idea in Romeo’s head will lead to serious consequences like committing suicide. Lastly, Romeo decides to kill himself after Juliet’s “death”. “The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss, a dateless bargain to engrossing death” (V.iii.113-115). Romeo’s action shows that his love for Juliet is real; however, he was so madly in love that he has lost his common sense and could not make wise decisions. Romeo’s course of ...

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... on the other side, there are blue and purple hues. This artwork can by conveyed as a relationship. The red and yellow stand for the love in the relationship, however, the dark colors express the trap of losing reasoning and common sense when in the relationship. In short, the power of love can provoke poor choices and lead to serious consequences, and this theme is expressed through a variety of current music and paintings.
To reemphasize, the theme of love is represented through Romeo’s actions, the whole play, and modern art/music. Yet, the immense power of love can cause bad choices and loss of common sense, which could lead to dire consequences. Love can make two people happy, but it can also cause pain. It is hard to understand but one thing is for sure, in a literary world where love falls between two star-crossed lovers, the outcome is never a happy ending.
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