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World War I (WWI) was one of the first wars in Europe, which began on July 28, 1914 and ended in 1919. Artists, writers, and so on witness an abundance of devastation during their time period. By the end of the war 9 million soldiers were killed, some were permanently injured, and some had psychological trauma (History, World War I). World War I was one of the deadliest wars in history. World War I had a massive amount of impact toward the artists and/ or the literary culture in Europe. Some of the main reasons why World War I had a massive impact toward the artists and/ or the literary culture in Europe is because, people started questioning the traditions, thoughts and beliefs, new development changed the way people think, subconscious, etc.
As I mentioned during the end of the war nearly 9 million people had died. In spite of the fact, artists and writers such as, Auguste Macke, Franz Marc, and Umberto Boccioni had died. Several other artists and writers was severely wounded. Although, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner served as a driver in the artillery, the destruction of the war devastated him. Kirchner was psychologically damaged and announced unfit for service (Sayre 1144). After the matter of fact, Kirchner was announced unfit for service, “ he painted himself in the uniform of the Mansfelder Field Artillery Regiment Nr. 75, cigarette dangling from his mouth, his eyes flat and empty, his right hand a bloody stump” (Sayre 1144). Kirchner painting expresses his fear of the war. For example, his right hand a bloody stump represented the trauma that he experienced in the war, resulting in the effect of his creativity, and the women in the back of the painting expresses his sexual impotence, meaning his genitals is not...

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...ith the situations. Being that the surrealism movement was around during the next wars, I feel like that’s all they could possibly do.
To conclude, everyone was majorly affected by the World War I. Being that the World War I was one of the most deadly war in the history. People did not expect all of the excruciating violence that came with the war. They expected something honorable and natural, but it was unnatural. Families and people that aren’t even a part of the war was dying. People other than the solder was deeply affected as well, physically and mentally. Although, artist, writer, etc. was affected by the war, they gave the people that have never experienced war a clear idea of war. They show us through imagery and they even showed us through imagery how it can affect you mentally. To sum it all up World War I had a huge impact on artists and writers.
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