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A Profession refers to a career provided that a specific amenity in which prolonged training and formal qualifications are essential. Members of a profession will show educational knowledge which leads to specific skills and abilities they have attained. Nursing is a professional practice of its own. The alteration between a job and a profession in relation to nursing is the way a nurse carries their practices. A Nurse will practice in their profession making sure the actions are reliable and they are to take responsibility for themselves and others (Crisp, J & Taylor, C & Douglas, C & Rebeiro, G, 2013).

A registered nurse (RN) practises self-sufficiently and in partnership with other health professionals such as enrolled nurses, health care assistances, doctors and surgeons etc. Registered nurses carry out general nursing tasks, delegate to and direct any health care assistants or enrolled nurses working alongside them. They deliver complete assessments to develop, implement, and estimate an assimilated plan of health care, also a RN provides mediations that involve extensive scientific and qualified knowledge, skills and clinical decision making. They organise this in a variety of surroundings in corporation with individuals, the families and the communities. Registered nurses (RN) are able to practise in a wide range of clinical frameworks, all depending on their scope of practise. All nurses have a scope of practise subject to their qualifications and knowledge. RN’s are to care for patients and encourage health and illness prevention. Some of the roles a nurse will come across are caregiving, teaching, communicating and managing. It is part of the RN’s role to educate patients about their healthcare in an equitable manner (N...

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...ily (Nursing Council of New Zealand, 2012). Nurses demonstrate this in their professional practice by being accountable for continuing professional boundaries even when the patient is doing otherwise (Arnold & Boggs, 2011). It is precise of the nurse to avoid presenting too much personal information or developing emotions and becoming fond of a patient in a non-professional way, and to also avoid receiving gifts from any patients (Nursing Council of New Zealand, 2012). A time may arise when there is a pre-existing relationship with a patient who may be a family member or a friend, in this case the nurse could feel borderline confusion therefore the nurse is still to continue caring for the patient whilst abiding by the professional boundary procedures or the nurse can ask to be excluded from the patient’s direct healthcare team (Nursing Council of New Zealand, 2012)
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