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Dr. Kevorkian was mostly known for his role in aiding people in ending their life with assisted suicide. He helped people euthanize themselves that were critically ill. Dr. Kevorkian was often in courts over his actions in assisted suicide. Even thought Dr. Kevorkian was raised in a strict religious home where suicide was a sin (The Biography Channel Website 1). He still continued to help people even though it was frowned upon by his church. The life of Dr. Kevorkian has affected the way people look at assisted suicide. Jack Kevorkian was born on May 26, 1928. Jack was born to Levon and Satenig Kevorkian. Kevorkian was born into a family that was very religious. His parents were immigrants to the Unite States because they escaped the Armenian massacre. Kevorkian's parents were very strict about their children's education so Jack Kevorkian was often pushed to his highest potential. Kevorkian did not believe in god and he looked for reasons for why god excised until he was 12 years old. Kevorkian was he middle child in his family (The Biography Channel Website 1). Jack Kevorkian was a very good student in high school but he was often board by his studies. Since Kevorkian was a good student he was often ahead of his class so to make things interesting he would often try to outsmart his teachers to make class interesting and to embarrass his teacher. Kevorkian was first accepted into the University of Michigan state of engineering. He enjoyed this program until halfway through his freshman year when he got bored of his studies. He then set his sights on medical school and the study of botany and biology. He then switched collages and began his 20 hour credit that was needed to catch up with the college. Kevorkian then graduated f... ... middle of paper ... ... Kevorkian ment good by what he was doing. I believe that his major downfall was that the idea of assisted suicide was too much of a taboo for people to handle. I also think that he should have done his work legally rather than illegally. In my opinion he really cared about what he was doing because even thought the odds were against him he still helped people with assisted suicide. Dr. Kevorkian was seen differently by many people. Some people thought that he was a good person while other people saw him as a criminal for helping people end their life. Due to his actions many laws have been created against assisted suicide. Even though he was charged with murders and for breaking the law he still kept on helping people. This showed that he cared a lot about his patients. The Kevorkian that started as a quiet religious child grew up to be a highly debatable person.

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