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Being a college student in today’s society is stressful enough, but having to worry about your safety while receiving an education is ridiculous. Although you wouldn’t expect safety to be a huge concern it is and one of the leading hazards in college is rape. Throughout this essay we’re going to speak on how to prevent rape as well as the statics and university policies on rape.
Rape is a serious matter that can happen to college kids, and a lot of us do not even think anything about it. Women tend to be effected more than men. There are ways to try and prevent rape from happening and ways to prevent it from ever happening again.
In college, everyone goes crazy because they no longer have super vision, and they are on their own. This is the time when everyone needs to become aware of their surroundings. There is always parties going on and a lot of college’s students tend to go to them, so, here are some tips to avoid being “date raped”. At a party, always go in groups; you should not take open drinks from strangers; you should limit how much alcohol you drink within the hour-it should not be any more than one or two per hour; try not to partake in drinking games or do excessive drinking; if you set down your drink, walk away, and leave your drink unaccompanied, get a new one. If your drink looks, smells, tastes different or strange from what you are used to, stop drinking it; always watch your drinks, as you are getting them and once you have them. If everyone follows those, people won’t over drink and act upon their feelings, and people will be less likely to be slipped a drug.
People they know such as a friend or significant other, not just a stranger, can rape them. So, we need set limits with one another. Let them know whe...

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...he university as a consequence for students found guilty of sexual assault or rape. Even though every university is required to have some type of policy, some activists claim that policies are not carried out how they should be. Some say that there should be a mandatory exit survey for senior students at their university so that the university can compile statistics of how often rape or sexual assault cases at their school occur. After getting these statistics, the university can further their prevention methods and also tell any incoming students what safety precautions they should take.
As a conclusion we just want to remind everyone to be safe and take precautions at all time. You may not be able to prevent all situations, but you can decrease the likely hood of them happening. Never go pass your limits and always stay in a group. Happy holidays from us to you.
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