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There is an argument about the tension between restructuring and soft human resource management as they are two contradictive approaches yet soft HRM is significant in succeeding the purpose of restructuring. As mentioned above, restructuring prioritises more in the need of the organisations rather than the individual of the employees. The driver for restructuring is not only from the management itself but the reality is that shareholders can also put pressure for the organisations to restructure. Shareholders can be seen as the side of the group that want to risk the business while management plays the role of lower the uncertainty and the risk created by the shareholders. In organisations, sometimes restructuring can be down to the shareholders as they wish to gain more profit, which then lead to downsizing or layoffs to meet the shareholders’ desire. While downsizing is proven to be good for organisations in which it can increase productivity of the workforce, it definitely has negative effects for the employees as it heightens employment insecurity and stress. In contrast, the soft part of human resource management concentrates more on the need of the employees and employees’ relations. It also emphasizes more on communication, motivation, and leadership (Thornhill, A. and Saunders, M. N., 1998, p.462). In soft HRM, employees are seen as the asset of the organisations, focus more on every individual in the firm, and it is used to point out an approach of more in ‘human resource’ part. In this approach, it is believed that communication, motivation, and leadership have a major effect in gaining employees’ commitment, which then will lead to competitive advantage. It is obvious that restructuring has a big distinction if it is... ... middle of paper ... ...eed to be considered in restructuring to help the employees to feel more engaged at work, which eventually leads again to their commitment at work. Furthermore, it guides to fairness at work since procedural justice provides the basic rules that can be used by the employees to shape their behaviours and attitudes towards what is fair and not at work. Cascio approach of how to do responsible restructuring is seen to be a positive and viable approach. It provides some ways to implement responsible restructuring that is believed to be possible to be implemented with the help of soft HRM as well as justice and communications. With the incorporation of those methods, there should not be any problems implementing restructuring, as a part of organisational change, for the workforce and it is highly possible to restructure in a fair way as long as they do it right and just.
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