changing self, context in song lyrics

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Text title: “Change You Or Change Me” Source/ Date: Medium: Rap song Composer: Fabolous Purpose: The main purpose of the text is indeed to entertain the listener in any way possible whether it be enjoying fab’s witty punch lines or being able to relate to the issues present. Another purpose suggested is to relate with the composer (Fabolous) and gain knowledge of the occurrences experienced by the composer e/g racism or incidents in the area . Fabolous says “I want to bring you in, and let you see my world looking through my eyes.” Intended Audience: Many features in the text suggest that the intended audience are; Other African Americans as he uses the term nigger which is generally used when talking to other African Americans. General rap followers and fans that appeal to fab’s music and Other similar Socio economic groups are intended to listen as they may appeal and find similarities in the issues and feelings raised such as predjudice. Fab states in an interview with MTV that “On this album, I’m relating to the listeners by sharing experiences with people who come from the places where I’m from”. Relevance to changing self: In the first verse of “ Change me or change you” the rapper feels that he doesn’t stand out and he conforms to his social status by stating “I ain’t never slide down a bad pole” he feels no reason to change “I never snitch, and go hide in a rat hole”. There is a hint of change happening around him “same girls that didn’t seem like they’d lov...

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