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Former president William “Bill” Clinton once said “Advances in computer technology and the Internet have changed the way America works, learns, and communicates. The Internet has become an integral part of America's economic, political, and social life.” The Internet is arguably the most influential invention in American history due to its outreaching effect on those three things that Clinton previously alluded to: economics, politics and social life. The Internet has a major impact on the economy in modern America. According to an article by Robert Litan in Foreign Policy “The new technologies have changed the way that companies throughout the economy do business. In particular, the Internet has the potential to cut costs savings by making it cheaper to design products remotely; lessening the need for vast inventories; providing means to target, communicate with, and service customers; cutting the costs of delivering many services and entertainments; and helping to remove bureaucracy.” This is telling you that the Internet is a viable way for success in the economy. The influence of the Internet reaches out to any type of establishment you find yourself involved with, say for instance something as simple as inventory in a fast-food restaurant used to considered a “ difficult task “ but with the invention of the internet checking inventory is now a high school level job.You don’t necessarily need a college degree,or even a college education to qualify for a job where you just “ type numbers into a word document”.Because businesses can hire younger inexperienced workers,they can afford to pay them less... ... middle of paper ... ... social media in the life of students. Social media includes a variety of tools and services that are designed to promote community development through working together. Now i’ve discussed the effects of the internet on economics, politics and Think back to a time where all of the things you had to do took an extensive amount of work as well as the metaphorical and sometimes literal “ blood, sweat and tears ”.But thats just to put it simply. If you where to look at it on a deeper level people love the internet because we as human beings feel the need to project our beliefs and practices to anyone and everyone. In conclusion, The internet has had a major affect on all of our lives and will remain a mainstay for a very very long time.

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