assumption of the virgin

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The Assumption of the Virgin As I walked through the halls of the Art institute, I saw many paintings and sculptures. One painting that stood out the most was called, “The Assumption of the Virgin,” by El Greco. As I stood in front this huge painting I was trying to figure out what was going on in the painting. Right away I could tell that oil was used to paint this portrait because there was a shine on the painting. I refused to read the description of the painting until I came to a conclusion. I stood there trying to figure out what was taking place in and if I was able to recognize anyone. On the top part of the painting I could point out the angels and the women in the middle, at first glance I could tell that the women was Virgin Mary. As I was view the bottom part of the painting, I noticed that the men seemed confused as if they didn’t know what was going on. Viewing this painting in person seemed very different from viewing painting online. I could clearly see how the artists used colors to make this painting stand out, and how he was able to show two scenes in one painting. Interviewing the artist. Mr. Greco, I understand that you painted this portrait in 1577. It was your first major commission when you arrived in his adopted country of Spain after training in Italy. It was commissioned for the central panel of the high altar of the church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo in Toledo. I have done a little research on your work and it seems like you like doing religious paintings, paintings that might the viewer a story. You seemed to be very interested in Renaissance Art, and your style of painting also resembles Renaissance art. You decided to do this painting for the Church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo. I decided to examine your painting because it stood out the most. The first thing that caught my attention was the choice of colors you used in your painting. The colors seemed very bright, I didn’t see many dark colors in the painting and by dark colors I mean black, something that shows sadness. The clarity in your painting was absolutely fabulous. I have seen many painting where the artist seems to hide images. A lot of paintings seem to open up more when you see them more then once, but your painting seemed very clear. I could see... ... middle of paper ... ...gels express their joy. Mary rises from her tomb on a crescent moon, a symbol of her purity. Although she has almost completely entered the divine realm, the hem of her dress falls lightly over the crescent, connecting her to earth. (Art institute of Chicago)” What would you say is the style of your painting is and what are some different things that you have shown in this painting you think is unique? “My work is an example of the Mannerist style-in which figures are elongated, cloaked in ample drapery, and twist and turn dramatically. The narrative of the Assumption unfolds through the emphatic gestures of the characters: the praying hands of the angels, the outstretched arms of the Virgin, the pointing finger of the apostle, and the gracefully upturned palm of the unidentified man to the left, which is emphasized by a break in the clouds. My use of flickering, high-keyed colors and broad brushwork further lend the work an ecstatic feeling sought after by Catholic Church patrons during the Counter-Reformation. I used such bold colors and figural arrangements to arouse a spiritual fervor in the viewer and impart the deep sense of faith he himself felt. (Art Institute of Chicago)”
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