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There are many vast differences between the Amazon tribe and the typical western life style of the Australian people. Differences that vary between diet, housing, education, recreation, transport, health, religion and their value to the environment. The average Western influenced life of the typical Australian, is reliant on modern day technology, this is a clear indication that recreational life is much different between the two life styles. The Amazon tribe lives a more recreation life due to them not being dependent on money, but more so on living by the natural environment. They physically work to build their houses and to hunt for food they are also nomadic people, bringing there general fitness to a much higher point then the average Australian. The average Australian will drive to the shops to buy food, we employ a large group of people to build our houses. We tend not be as nomadic but more standstill people who settle in areas where general life needs are easily accessible and easy to collect. The typical Australian will use their car everyday, if not their car they have easy access to public transport that is funded by the government, for others they have more globally friendly alternative resources such as a bike or a bus. All these modes of transport come with a cost, a cost for the use of public transport or a cost for buying a new motor vehicle, a cost for the purchase of a bike. For the Amazon people live lifestyles less influenced by motor transport due to their location in the jungle, they use hand built equipment. They use canoes as a fast way of transport and other naturally made modes of transport. Amazon people most preferred mode of transport is done by their feet, this is very effective, it prov... ... middle of paper ... ...lling off native animals for many years now. Typical Australians have not thought in such a sustainable mind frame. Untouched amazon people live of their land, giving them a more sentimental attachment to their land. Average Australians don’t value their environment as much due to them not having to survive and live off the land. Untouched amazon people have spiritual connections with there land, they believe in the god of all different elements of the land, they have a god of fire, water, sun, wind etc.. Average Australians have a more logical belief in religion. Average Australians believe in one god such as Jesus or Allah. The typical Australians live a vastly different and much more modern lifestyle then the Untouched amazon people. Between the two of them they both have different educational systems, housing and food and religions. Works Cited bunbury

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