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I never thought that I would catch a criminal and that millions of people would know my name, but that is the way everything turned out for me. What seemed like a peaceful much needed vacation away from my family and friends turned into so much more. It all started just a couple weeks after my high school graduation. My mom and dad are still mad about my whole travel around the world idea. They still have not gotten over how I did not apply for any colleges. Everyday for the past two weeks at least one of them tells me the name of some college and then all of the majors available there. I have tried to tell them many times that I am still going to college, but not anytime in the near future. They saw my plan of traveling the world as an immature decision, but it is my decision. I had already planned everything out, my first stop and my last stop. My departure day has finally come and my parents did not expect it to be this early. “What do you mean you’re leaving,” my mother said in shock an almost in tears. “I’m leaving today. I’ve told both of you when I was leaving several ti...
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