Freedom: My Core Values In College Education

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1. Freedom: This core value pervades U.S life. It underscored the American Revolution, and Americans pride themselves on their personal freedom.
Education: Americans are expected to go as far in school as their abilities and finances allow. Over the years, the definition of an “adequate” education has changed, and today a college education is considered an appropriate goal for most Americans. Those who have an opportunity for higher education and do not take it are sometimes viewed as doing something “wrong”- not merely as making a bad choice, but as somehow being involved in an immoral act.
When I was going through the different values we have in the United States I was able to choose rather quickly which two values I found most important. What helped me decide what the two most important values where to me was I thought about what values would affect the others listed the most. The first value I came across that struck me was freedom. Without freedom what would the United States be like? Without freedom would there be democracy or equality? We live in a country where we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. There are other parts of the world that do not share those same values. Afghanistan, Iran, and Maldives persecute and put to death anyone who practices Christianity. I was raised in a Christian household and taught to respect
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When I was contemplating on what I wanted my major to be in College I looked to my parents and friends for some guidance. They fully supported me and wanted me to choose what I knew was best for me which led me to go into nursing. However there are a few friends of mine who tried to persuade me not to even go through college. They thought that I could spend my time doing more useful things and save a lot of money. Yes they did make some valid points that made me rethink like telling me how expensive it was to go however, I still chose to go because I wanted what was best for

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