Youth Migration: It's Time to Explore the Possibilities

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Migration is the term most commonly used to refer to the movement of people from one area to another; setting foot to an unfamiliar environment to establish a better way of life. Ever since primitive men learned to make use of and maximize the environment for growth and survival, migration has always been a prevalent phenomenon. After exhausting all the natural resources like food and water in a certain area, these people moved to other places in search for more abundant food sources. Whatever triggers people to cross geographical boundaries; one thing is for sure: it all stems from a desire to improve and uplift living conditions.

Migration for me is an opportunity for personal and professional advancement. Let me begin by telling something about myself. I’m a 21-year old registered nurse. Just like any other individual, my life has always been full of tough ordeals and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but mine was a bit different. I have always been plagued by something over which I have no absolute control; a genetic speech defect that bothers me day by day to certain degrees: Stuttering. Having started in grade school as sound and syllable repetitions, this speech impediment gradually worsened in high school. The repetitions persisted, and it’s as if I needed to exert more effort than usual to finish a sentence. The condition compounded when I was in first year college wherein I stuttered severely; accompanied by unpleasant facial expressions and other physical signs of struggle. I didn’t have the slightest of self-confidence when it comes to public speaking and worse, I felt like I’m unable to do what any child can do easily: to utter a word without difficulty. I am often embarrassed and frustrated by my stuttering bec...

... middle of paper ... a difference in their home country. Therefore, to optimize and broaden migration opportunities, interventions should be carried out to address each of these risks and detriments associated with migration; which includes limiting the period of time that migrants are allowed to stay in receiving countries to prevent brain drain; accreditation of recruitment and employment agencies to prevent illegal immigration and migrant exploitation; and health screening to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

However, in the most fundamental sense, government officials of countries with high unemployment rates should go to great lengths in implementing interventions geared at increasing employment opportunities; because a country waiting for progress and development without even doing anything to empower its people equates to a country waiting for the end of the world.

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