The Pros And Cons Of Migration

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Migration is the spread of human beings from one location to another in hopes of staying there permanently. North America is a product of Migration being that the entire population once migrated here from other countries or continents. With this being said, all of the humans walking on North American soil has ancestors from another place on earth. Push and pull factors are the two different reasons for motivating a person(s) relocation, which is what drove many people to North America. Push factors are are the motivation to move people away from a location and pull factors are those that attract them to the new location. Globalization is a process that involves the mixing of people, corporations and governments of separate nations. Globalization is directly connected to migration because it is actually the beginning of the mixture of culture and religions many years ago.

“The first great wave of Globalization was the migration of our ancestors from Africa in what is being referred to as the Africanization of the World” (De Blij and Muller 282). Africa is basically located in the heart of the world with countries closely
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The first wave of globalization caused my ancestors to migrate from Africa to France on my fathers side and to Italy on my mothers side. From here my ancestors in France migrated to Canada and then to the United States while my ancestors from Italy migrated directly to the United States. These migrations were a result of many common push and pull factors such as poverty, lack of jobs, religion, job opportunities, and better means of living. If it weren’t for migration after the first wave of globalization, my parents would have never met and I would not be here today. Globalization impacts the world tremendously and our world is already extremely diverse being that our ancestors all migrated from the same location,
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