Yossarian's Role Of Character In Catch-22 By Joseph Heller

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A character is simply a figurehead. In many works seen throughout history, dating from the poets of ancient Rome to the novelists of modernity, it is evident that there are numerous elements of reality that enter a character, a congregation of characteristics that come from a creator’s mind, life, or a combination of both. With this fact in mind, it is understood that a character is only human, no matter what role that character takes on, and just as any human, a character is a representation of its surroundings and the environment of the story, matching the plot in one way or another, and in one pivotal way, a character also matches the a human in that a character goes through development throughout a situation, and within any situation, a character interacts with other characters, just as humans do with other humans, and changes the development of those characters.
Joseph Heller’s riveting Catch-22 is a late era, satirical novel that highlights the life of a soldier caught in the middle of the deadly World War II. The book’s setting and theme recount the life with...
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