Yellow Wallpaper: A Feminist Work: The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper; a Feminist Work The Women’s Suffrage Movement was a huge epidemic that involved people all around the world. Women simply wanted to receive the amount of appreciation and respect that the men did. The Yellow Wall-Paper was published in January on 1892 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who was not only known for her writing, but also her Women’s Rights activism. The timeline of the Women’s Suffrage Movement took place throughout the years of 1848 to 1920. Due to the way that the narrators’ husband, John, treated her while being ill in The Yellow Wall-paper, it is thought that this shorty story was written to highlight the problems for women during this time period. While ineffectiveness of early medical practices, the short story The Yellow Wall-Paper is a feminist piece, for the reasons of the evidence given throughout the story, the authors personal background, and it was published in 1892, in which was during the women’s suffrage Movement. Unlike today, doctors from the 1800’s often learned their skills through apprenticeships; therefore they were unlicensed and didn’t have the appropriate training or knowledge. The narrator didn’t completely believe that her husband, who was also a physician, was doing what was best for her. "Better in body perhaps—" I began, and stopped…show more content…
The unnamed women, who is the narrator, has her own opinions on her diagnoses and what she considers to be the best ways to mend her conditions, but as a patriarchal woman, she ignores her thoughts and goes in favor of her brothers and husbands treatments. This relates to the way women were looked at in the late 18oo’s, their thoughts were not as important as the men, and often went with the men’s ideas versus the woman’s. Her husband often treats her as if she was a child, referring to her as “little girl” and saying ting like “bless her little heart”
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