Writing and Literature is the Best Way of Expressing Emotions

Writing is arguably the most fluid way of expressing emotion, thought, personality, and wit. One’s thoughts are spread to others, by simply writing them down, and expressing them. Ultimately however, it is how one defines the language that distinguishes genuine individuality of thought. Often times in literature, there is often a common literary structure including certain emotions and thought. This traditional literary structure includes common moods, styles, or emotions as a reflection of the culture of the time period. In sixteenth century England for example, literary works were rarely if ever created in isolation from other currents in the social and cultural world. John Donne, a seventeenth century poet, created works during a period with a lack of literary mold - a lack of traditional literary structure. Because Donne lived in an era where there was a lacking of a traditional literary structure, he did not have to define himself as individual from the perceived normal. Donne and other metaphysical poets branded this time as a period of metaphysical definition: an attempt to articulate a more precise analysis of metaphysical concepts by using writing characteristics that express a particular feel and human quality. Focusing on the arrangement of lines in Donne's poems, one can see how it affects the tone and meaning of his message. It is believed that the structure of each line, and the length and number of syllables in each line is important to the flow and effectiveness of the poem. In Donne's writing, small yet significant details are crafted through punctuation and separation of syllables. Without the constraints of traditional literary structure during his time, John Donne accentuated particular metaphysical traits in H...

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...ected and crafted word and pronunciation. Using Elizabethan english, particular words had liaisons and inflections which changed how the reader felt about the line, as previously explained. Ultimately, the phonetic structure of the lines in John Donne’s works shaped the metaphysical significance of his works. In modern translations however, because the original pronunciation is lost, much of the power and beauty in Donne’s works are lost, because the improper pronunciation of key words and lines gave an incorrect mood or interpretation of meaning. Though it is often ignored, the use of certain words can define a work as powerful or weak; meaningful or insignificant; metaphysical or bland. The original copy of an artist’s work is always the most accurate to his or her intended message, however, with time and interpretations, that meaning and power can be easily lost.

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