World War 1 Persuasive Essay

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Students Name: Sam Mills

Teacher's Name: Mr Gledhill


Length: 450-500 words.

Audience: Nudgee Community

Purpose: To inform/persuade.

Structure: TEEEL Essay



Australia had always been loyal to Britain and has always been there to help through each war that Britain or they have both entered. However Australia's effect in battle was an unforgettable one compared to any other country in World War 1


For Australia, the first world war was the costliest in terms of death and other casualties. “Of whom more than 60,000 killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed or taken prisoner” - (AWM.Gov 2015) with only being at gallipoli for 8 months comparing that to the western front of 100 days and comparing the amount oif casulties that happened over 8 months to 100 days, the numbers wernt all that different. “132,000 casualties at the western front and that's still 24,000 less people hurnt to gallipoli” (Gallipoli.Gov 2015) Still together the numbers are still high which led the Australian Army to send a large amount of troops after what happened at the anzac coves due to the amount of Aussies killed. If that's not important, …show more content…

At this secondary objective two Divisions of the ANZAC Corps landed over 1 kilometre north of their planned objective Gaba Tepe and in the darkness and confusion of the early morning faced rugged and difficult country.” (Australian War Memorial. 2016. Australian War Memorial.) By that first evening 16,000 men had landed on Anzac Cove, of those soldiers over 2,000 Australians had been killed or

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