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Christianity is a monotheistic religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recounted in the New Testament. As of the early 21st century, it has between 1.5 billion and 2.1 billion adherents, more than any other religion, and representing about a quarter of the world's population. It is the state religion of at least sixteen countries.

Its followers, known as Christians, believe Jesus to have been the Son of God and the Messiah (or Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament, the part of their scriptures they have in common with Judaism. To Christians, Jesus Christ is a teacher, the model of a pious life, the revealer of God, the mediator of salvation and the savoir who suffered, died and was resurrected in order to bring about salvation from sin for all Christians maintain that Jesus ascended into heaven and most denominations teach that Jesus will judge the living and the dead, granting everlasting life to his followers. The "good news" of Jesus' ministry is called the Gospel.

The Trinity is often regarded as an essential doctrine of mainstream Christianity. It is held by many to be a complex concept and there are varying interpretations. The most common understanding of the Holy Trinity, as espoused in the Nicene Creed, is one God that exists as three Persons – Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" represents both the immanence and transcendence of God. God is believed to be infinite and God's presence may be perceived through the actions of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The first time the disciples were called "Christians", meaning "followers of Christ", was in Antioch. Ignatius of Antioch was the first Christian to use the label in self-reference. The earliest recorded use of the term Christianity was also by Ignatius of Antioch, around 100 AD.

Like Judaism and Islam, Christianity is classified as an Abrahamic religion (see also, Judeo-Christian). Through missionary work and colonization, Christianity spread firstly in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and parts of India and subsequently throughout the entire world.

The challenges Randy has with Christianity is sharing his faith with others and living a life of conformity. Randy believes the principles are the same now than it was when the religion first started. I learned from the interview the religion has been in practice for two thousands years and it was founded in Jerusalem, Israel.
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