Women 's Struggle For Equality

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Feministic Women in history were subjected to an oppressed role, which men were in control. Many of these women created groups to talk about these problems such as the Seneca Falls. Women fought for equality, but some were happy with the status quo, and some simply became the change. Initially, women fought for equality to end the oppressed rule of a man and wanted to be equal to a man in every way possible, women soon called themselves Feminists. Women in general, were forced to marry a man that the father saw fit to the daughter but this sometimes brought years of abuse and cruelty to the women. Women were forced to not just to bear children and teach the boys education but were to just plain out do nothing because men thought women were useless. Women were tired of being overruled by men, they wanted to overcome “the relevance of our racial, cultural, class, and sexual differences, and over methods of political action” that men had set forth (Mink and Smith 2). Compared to men, “women were seen as irrational, emotional, un-intelligent, and morally immature” (Philosophical Feminism 1) as many male philosophers saw women as weak and stupid. Women wanted to be equal to men in the public sphere and the domestic sphere too. In the domestic sphere women fought for “rights in relation to marriage—divorce, custody, and property rights” (Mink and Smith 2). In the public sphere, women who fought in this sphere were called Liberal Feminist; they wanted rights that were self-chosen goals and full education and economic support. But there was others feminists groups who fought in this sphere too such as socialist and radical feminist. Social feminists wanted labor and economic structures because many of these women were mothers who... ... middle of paper ... ...en wanted to change right now but for future generations that wouldn’t suffer what women had to go through to get this rights that women have today. These women only didn’t want to change America, these women wanted to change the world. These women started up the movement of feminism around the world, not only giving American women rights but every women right around the world. Even though women still don’t have rights in some countries, there are women who are fighting to get these things changed such as Malala Yousafzai, who is fighting for women 's education. Not only did women fight for rights, there were homosexuals (who are still fighting to get rights today), African Americans (at the time) and many other minority groups that society didn’t see fit but that now have rights because they stood up and fought beside with other groups that wanted the same rights.

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