Susan B. Anthony: Transcendentalists And Women's Rights Activist

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I, Susan B. Anthony, am a transcendentalists and women’s right activist. I was raised in a family where everyone was politically active. My family was active in the abolitionist movement and also the temperance movement. When I was campaigning what the temperance movement it inspired me to fight for women’s rights. The reason being is because when I attended a temperance convention I was denied the right to speak because I was a women. I was infuriated by this. I also realized that if women didn’t earn the right to vote no one would take any women seriously where politics were involved. So i founded the National Women Suffrage Association with activist Elizabeth Stanton. Then I began speaking and protesting all round america. In 1872 I even

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  • Explains that susan b. anthony is a transcendentalist and women's right activist. she was raised politically active and founded the national women suffrage association with activist elizabeth stanton.
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