Flappers In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920’s were a period of time when WWI caused new women to rise, these kinds of woman were best known as flappers. They were known for taking risks, voting, their short hair, and fashion sense. These women had a good and bad effect on the United States. It affected who women were in the 1920's, it affected women's suffrage and women decided to become independent because of WWI.
In the 1920’s, women were introduced to a new kind of trend. Before World War I, women were called Gibson girls. They were known for their hourglass figure, long hair, and wearing long skirts with collared blouses. In contrast, women of the 1920’s would go through dieting to get a slim look figure. Women would bind their breasts and wear long- waisted dresses. This type of figure was called a “garconne” French term which means “young boy”. During the 1920’s this kind of figure was the most desirable for most (Drowne et al. 97-99). Women in the 1920’s wanted to be seen as individuals and women wanted to be seen in a different perspective. Women wanted to show that they could be independent just like men. “A short, bobbed hairstyle was a key part of the look. Flappers, most of them young women, cut their hair to around chin length or shorter. Some cut their hair in stages, growing progressively shorter with the changing styles. While some bobs were straight and sleek, others featured curls and waves”. To get these hairstyle women would often wet their hair or apply homemade gel on sections of their hair then wrap each section of hair …show more content…

That finally changed in the 1920’s when Alice Paul helped women pursue their dream of becoming independent by having a say in what happens to their country and having all the right that men received. Women had many influences that encourage them to go for what they wanted. These influences inspired them to be their own independent

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