Women In Hinduism Essay

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Women in Hinduism Tradition Hinduism is a religious and cultural tradition of India, and was developed from the Vedic religion. For women in the religion of Hinduism, some are considered less important, less valuable, and less worthy then the man. While other men, look at women as a mother goddess. The men have high respect for the women, because they will have the children that continue the family. In the past, and even for some women in the present day, are considered to be a lower level, or come in second compared to a man. Women are considered to have the duty of having children for their husband so that he can continue and transmit the customs of his family. “Fathers need to protect their daughter, husbands need to protect their wife, and sons need to protect their mothers when they…show more content…
If a woman shamed her deceased husband she would be doomed and considered an outcast and be tormented by disease.
It would be fascinating to hear what the women from the past had to offer and how they truly were feeling back then. It makes a person wonder if the woman in Hinduism were happy or

living a miserable life confined to their homes and still not having a say over even the rules in her household. Were these laws just accepted by the women, or did they ever stand up for something they thought was right. Women were not allowed to do anything against their husband, but yet there were many women who endured physical punishment by their husbands. There is so many more questions that have sparked my interest in the women who live in the Hinduism tradition. A woman will probably not even have the choice to live in the Hinduism tradition, without being shut out by her
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