Wireless Mesh Network

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1.1 Preamble

Network topology can be defined in many ways since there are many different types of network that depending on the certain amount of user, ability, and purpose. For example, in Multimedia University (MMU) all networks inside our campus are connected through Local Area Network (LAN) to access MMLS for example. While when connected to outside through internet, we call it Wide Area Network (WAN). We are connected to the world via various network topologies, such as Point-to-point, Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh, Tree, Hybrid, and last but not least Daisy chain. Our interest regarding this Final Year Project is Wireless Mesh Network build based on Mesh Topology.

1.2 Motivation

This project is motivated by the application that can be utilized using a wireless mesh network and their advantages. Various technology companies show their interest in wireless mesh network by manufacturing several of the product based on this technology. Even though this technology still in early stage, increasing interest of the industry in this topic triggering more interest to researcher around the world to know more about this topic. Below are the main principle why wireless mesh network is one of the network topology that been focusing on:
• Higher capacity at low cost compared to other. The capacity of a wireless network can be improved by using a repeater if adding extra node are not worth. But to ensure we have a good coverage, we must know the distance between nodes also any inferences between the nodes.
• Easy network deployment since wireless mesh network have a capability for self-configuring to ensure the data transmitted reach at the destination. This is very useful when unexpected thing happen that make the node down for unknown reason.

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...g to the needs.
• Iw – External tools that need to be downloaded that able to configure and show information about wireless networking.
• Iwconfig – Been used to set the parameters of the network interface which are specific to the wireless operations.
• Ipconfig - Use to display current TCP/IP network configuration value including details of the network.

1.7.3 Hardware

4 identical laptops being used in this setup which have the following specification
HDD Capacity:

We also use 4 identical wireless USB adapter since we have a problem to create a wireless mesh network using an internal wireless card.
Standards: IEE 802.11n/g/b
Interfaces: USB 2.0
Frequency Range: 2.4~2.4835 GHz
Transfer Rate: Up to 150Mbps
Security: WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK encryptions
Operating Temp: 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH

Figure 1: TL-WN727N
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