William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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William Shakespeare's Macbeth The two scenes that the essay will be focusing on are Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 4 of the Shakespeare novel, Macbeth. The first scene Act 1 Scene 1 is the opening scene to the play, it starts with a supernatural theme where the three witches are upon the heath discussing when to meet with Macbeth, Macbeth may be implicated by the three witches. Act 3 Scene 4 starts with Macbeth being told that Banquo's son Fleance has escaped, this displeases Macbeth. This scene shows signs of the unnatural because Macbeth sees Banquo's ghost, this startles him and all the guests in his palace. As the scene progresses Macbeths behaviour changes. My impressions of the witches in Act 1 Scene 1 are that they would be old female women that where very wrinkly and wear very old rags and cloaks. I also thought that they would speak very slowly and croaky and that they would mumble whenever they spoke. I thought that they would walk slowly and stagger because they're very old and feeble, I thought that they would have walking sticks, as they are old. They probably like each other because they stay together wherever they are. I don't think that they are that much different to each other because they look and speak the same. The content of Act 1 Scene 1 is about the three witches speaking to each other upon the heath, what they say is significant because they mention "thunder", "hurly-burly", "battle", "fair is foul", "fog and filthy air". These five quotes tell us what it will be like when the witches will meet Macbeth because the witches can predict the future. The most significant quote is when the witches chant "fair is foul and foul is fair" this shows that good and evil are mixed up from the start. The rhythm of these lines would anticipate the audiences by making them think something bad will happen. The play being set in Scotland would be of significance because it is very hilly, wet and foggy, which are useful to the four quotes in Act

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