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William Faulkner has won many award winning book writers.Faulkner was known for his famous books.His firstg novel, Soldiers pay (1926). Faulkner was born on September25 1897.He alsowas born in New Albany,Mississpp.He lives on fringe of student community at the University of Mississippi.He tries to enlist in armed forces, but is refused.He also works in New Haven,Connectit for winchester Gun factory.Change spelling of spelling of name from ''Faulkner'' to ''Faulkner''. As the eldest of the four sons of Murry Cuthbert and Maud Butler Faulkner; William Faulkner (as he later spelled his name.)Born in New Albany,Miss.,Faulkner soon moved with his parents to nearby Ripleyand then to the town of oxford. Faulkner had been raised in a manner both typical and a typical for the time.In addition to the traditional southern curriculm of hunting. The life of Faulkner read like one of his novels a table of rage.Faulkner tell's stories was Faulkner's primary goal in life. In 1950 he spoke those words in his speech,part of a brief speech he gave upon accepting the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature.William Faulkner stood at the principle of his career.Having finally achieved the fame and glory. During his boyhood.Faulkner also met two figures that would be promient throughout his life.In high school he became romatically inloved with Estelle Oldham,,who became engaged to a local law student at the University of Mississippi. Faulkner's first book was a collection of poetry. ''The Marble Faun''.Which came out in 1924 with a forward by stone.A month after its publication. Faulkner returns to Oxford and enters the University of Mississippi.He writes poems that will be included in The Marble Faun.William leaves the university, but remains in Oxford... ... middle of paper ... ...ed; begins Light in August. In the winter of 1957, Faulkner became the writer in residences at the University of Virginia. Where he participoated in a varity of interviews and discussion with student and faculty. During the late 1950s he split his time between Oxford and Charlottes. However, his health continued to win many awards. Works Cited ''Faulkner,William.''Britannica Biographies.Encyclopadia Britamics 2014 Web.28 April 2014 Faulkner,William.''The Sound and the Fury of a Self-Destructive Life''. Biography Magazine. June 2000: page 3-40 Faulkner,William. William Faulkner. New York: Great Neck Publishing, 2005. ''Faulkner, William.'' World Book Online Info Finder.World Book, 2014 Web.28 April 2014. Gordon, Debra and Harold Bloom. ''Biography of William Faulkner.'' Bloom's BioCritiques: William Faulkner: 3-40. Biography Collection Complete, Web.30 Apr.2014.

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