Mark Twain's Life

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Mark Twain was born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens on November 30th, 1835 in the small town of Florida, Missouri. Samuel had been born into a family of six children, with the parents John Marshall and Jane Clemens. Little did his parents know that they were about to raise one of the most famous writers to ever be known in this world.
At the age of four, Mark Twain’s parents decided to move from Florida Missouri, to Hannibal, Missouri in hopes that they would be able to improve their living conditions.
While living in Hannibal, Samuel developed a very strong bond with the Mississippi River. He had always imagined being a steamboat captain. Although he had always wanted to that, his first job was actually being a Printer’s Apprentice. He took this job in 1848 which was a year after his father had died. Once 1851 hit, he started to submit sketches to his brother’s journal “Hannibal.” Soon, he became the editor of the journal in place of Orion.
At the age of twenty one, Clemens decided that he wanted to start doing something different with his life. Something more exciting and adventurous—So he headed to the New Orleans where he was to get on a ship to South America. While he was on this ship he was able to get his steamboat pilots license. He got his license by persuading Horace Bixby to train him with a fee of five hundred dollars. He spent two years as a cub pilot and eventually got his license in 1859. Because of the Civil War starting in 1861, Samuel didn’t get to live his dream of being a steamboat pilot for very long. The war caused all of the traffic on the river to come to a standstill.
In 1861, Samuel’s brother, Orion, was named secretary of Nevada by President Abraham Lincoln. Once he was secretary, he titled Samuel as his ...

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...ritten about how great of an influence Mark Twain has been on American Literature.
Twain’s childhood home is now open as a public museum in Hannibal, Missouri. Visitors can also go and explore the Mark Twain Cave and take a riverboat ride down the Mississippi River. There is even a whitewashed painted fence, like the one painted by Tom Sawyer, lining the property.
Also, in Calavaras County in California, they hold a Calavaras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee every third weekend in May. Whenever it is near his birthday, there are also walking tours that are offered to people of places that he visited in New York City.
Mark Twain was considered by far the greatest writer of all time. He had a lot of obstacles to overcome in his lifetime. Many deaths and many large debts, but he overcame them and was eventually announced one of the best writers of all time.
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