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Born on September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi, William Faulkner was an American author who made readers understand the Southern life. His parents, Murry and Maud Falkner, named him after his great grandfather, William Clark Faulkner (William Faulkner: Olemiss). Faulkner‘s mother taught him what was right from wrong, to be loyal to one’s family, and the politics of sexuality and race, which would later be written about in some of Faulkner’s works (William Faulkner: Olemiss). Faulkner was a high school dropout and only attended one semester of college at the University of Mississippi, but he was still able to become a well known author (William Faulkner: Olemiss). Faulkner was famous for displaying the South’s culture and the faults in society (William Faulkner: Biography). The famous novelist’s struggles in the early years of his career, his inspiration of his home, and his legacy that impacted are what make William Faulkner one of the most memorable authors in American history.
Initially William Faulkner's war experience did not make Faulkner a famed author, but inspired by his home, Mississippi, he would find his skill in writing. Faulkner’s great grandfather and grandfather were legendary figures in Mississippi and their ways to get out of trouble would inspire Faulkner to write about their power in the military and in society (Unger, 54). According to Leonard Unger , Faulkner's finished his first book of poetry in 1924, The Marble Faun, which Faulkner was inspired by his time during World War One and this book was to be published with one-thousand copies but failed to publish because it was recognized as not a very good book of poetry. Though Faulkner was never on the battlefield during World War One, he was haunted by ...

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... The Mansion (William Faulkner: PBS).
To conclude with, William Faulkner was an author that used uncommon technique in his works. The complexity of his themes make readers feel more engaged into thinking deeper and feel the beautiful Southern setting Faulkner describes ( William Faulkner: PBS). Faulkner based his stories on his childhood experiences and the experience of being an adult in the South (Unger, 67). Faulkner represents the Southern man in his works and the beautiful scenery of the South. William Faulkner wrote about his experiences of his childhood, his time in the war, adulthood, and Southern society (William Faulkner: Biography). Faulkner’s journey to find his passion in writing, the novels he created that would make him stand out from other authors, and the legacy he had on readers is what made William Faulkner a significant author in American history.

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