Wiliam Faulkner's Emily Rose Character Analysis

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All Roses Are Red Unreasonably determined to exert one?s own will is the definition of the word 'stubborn'. William Faulkner is a southern writer who focuses in his work on human experiences and behavior influenced by the South, the Civil War, and the post Civil War effects. In Faulkner's, 'A Rose for Emily', Faulkner constantly depicts Emily as a stubborn character, especially stubborn about changing her way of life. Faulkner uses subtle clues from diction and description as well as obvious statements through dialogue and direct actions to show this quality many times throughout the story. William Faulkner implies Emily?s stubbornness with subtle clues in description and through symbols. Faulkner would like us to take notice of how determined Emily is to resist all change. Everything that Faulkner refers to as hers is outdated and unchanging. He goes to note her house as, ?The only house left? and describes it as ?lifting its stubborn decay?, (206). She resides alone as the only one left on her block because everyone else has modernized and moved forth with production a...

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