Why Should we Travel to Space?

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“Why should we go into space? What is the justification for spending all the effort and money on getting a few lumps of moon rocks? Aren’t there better causes here on Earth?”- Stephen Hawking. Space is the everlasting, ever growing place where we happen to reside. From the beginning of intelligent life here on Earth, we have wanted to learn. Whether it be simply constructing a fire, or solving the riddles that still puzzle us to this day. Many of the questions we still have are pertaining to space. Are we alone? How did we get here? Where are we going? Many answers can come from exploring space. Getting a “few lumps of moon rock” can answer so many questions we asked ourselves for millennia. Can we truly belong in a place we do not know about? Space exploration will better us now and in the future for several reasons. The idea of travelling into the unknown has puzzled life since it could move. Where we can not quite, is what intrigues us the most. Ancient civilizations, like the Chinese, have made rockets for celebrations, and for the chance to “catch some air.” Leonardo di Vinci himself tried to make a machine that could hover. Coming up to recent history, we have many countries developing rockets to go to the stars. The three main countries involved being Germany, Russia, and the United States of America (Brief). Germany’s attempts made little to no history, but the United States and Russia got involved in what we know today as “The Space Race.” Each country trying to be the first to go into space, have a man orbiting Earth, and get on the moon. Russia struck first with Sputnik 1, the first man-made object to go into space, intentionally. The United States played catch up and one year later sent Explorer 1. The Russians were a... ... middle of paper ... ...ce. April 2, 2014. . Hawking, Stephen. “Why We Should Go Into Outer Space”. National Space Society (NSS). April 27, 2011. April 4, 2014. . “NASA Budget”. NASA. April 4, 2014. . “NASA Technologies Beneficial to our Lives”. NASA. 2008. April 3, 2014. . Plumer, Brad. “Defense Budget”. Washington Post. January 7, 2013. April 2, 2014. . “What does NASA do”. NASA. September 2013. April 8, 2014. . “Why We Explore”. NASA. April 3, 2014 .