Why Should Arranged Marriage Be Banned?

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For many years, the arranged marriage is a hot topic for many movie directors around the world. In some movie and television series, people often find it interesting when they watch the progress from two strangers turn into loving each other in a fake marriage. Also, the scenarios often come up with two strangers accidentally meeting in the street or somewhere, and then their parents, who are the best friends of each other, will arrange the marriage for both of them. They will pretend to be a real couple, but later they realize that they fall in love with each other. They will experience many troubles in their own marriage, but they feel happy as long as they are stay by each other’s side. However, in real life, most of many arranged marriages…show more content…
The important reason why an arranged marriage should be prohibited is that people can use it to exploit each other’s family. Also, the arranged marriage has its bad-imaged side through many abusive real stories of girls throughout the world. From those real stories of an arranged marriage, people realize that an arranged marriage should be altogether banned. Moreover, they would rather choose love marriage rather than an arranged marriage to avoid the tragedy of arranged marriage. Thus, arranged marriage has good side and bad side as well; however, the good side of the arranged marriage does not deserve for people to risk their happiness and their life. Therefore, during the arranged marriage, the partner could live in the depressed and tragic life with stranger. With the problem of an arranged marriage, it is impossible if the government released the new law to force the resident not to hold an arranged marriage whereas the arranged marriage still has it good side. Ultimately, as long as an arranged marriage is a tradition in many South Asian countries; it is very hard to abolish the arranged marriage thoroughly; however it should be abolished depending on people’s
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