Why I Am A Student At The College Level

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Before this quarter started I was fairly confident that I had what it took to ace English 101. After the first paper, I realized I was mistaken. Throughout this quarter I have had numerous problems with my writing that proved I needed to do a little more studying to help take my writing to the college level. Although I did not fail any of my papers, there was plenty of room for improvement. All the areas I needed to improve on are all areas that I think every English 101 student should know. I believe that every student at the college level should know how to cite sources correctly, know how to use good transitions, and know how to properly elaborate their examples. When the quarter started I thought I knew how to cite sources. What I did not know was that we were going to be citing sources in APA format, which I had never heard of before. All I had ever known was MLA so it was quite a shock when I found out I would have to learn how to cite in APA. The first thing I did when I found out how we were going to cite our papers was go to Easybib to have the website to it for me. Turns out Easybib wants you to pay them if you want your sources cited in APA format. Once I found that out I scoured the web to find a website that could do it for me. I could not find a dependable site anywhere so I had to go look in the english book on how to cite. When I got to the section on citing sources in my book I realized that this is where I should have went right from the start. The book had every type of citation you would ever have to use. But even after I found out how to properly cite my sources, it was still another question for me on how to properly quote them in my papers. My first two papers both got zeroes right off ... ... middle of paper ... ... that it fits your paper like a glove. But on the other hand you could have the best example ever. So good that you think that it was made specifically for your paper, and then you could butcher the elaboration and leave your reader wondering why you would put that in your paper. If you are a student planning on taking English 101, I would like to advise you to take some time and really go over how to cite, use transitions, and learn to elaborate at a college level. If you do not, then it could be a very hard quarter for you. Most of these lessons you learned in high school, but some of them you will learn how to do at college. I am happy to say that I learned a lot from my English 101 class and I now know some skills and tricks I did not know before. I plan on using them in the future with English 102 where hopefully I will learn new tricks about writing.
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