Why Do We Need Solar Energy?

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Why Do We Need Solar Energy? With the world’s natural resources depleting rapidly, humans must find a way to compensate. This society has milked oil, coal, gasoline, lead, uranium, and many other of these reservoirs in our Earth for hundreds of years and much has been done. Asphalt was used for our roads and highways, coal was originally used for heat before there was oil, and even water was used as a form of electricity on many rural farms. Luckily, more companies around the world are waking up to the fact that these resources will not be around forever, and that in the near future, other forms of energy will take heed. Solar energy, or energy powered by the sun, is one of the most promising. Since the sun’s rays create so much for the wildlife that surrounds us, why can’t it do the same for people? It can, and as many industries are finding out, will be around long after the other resources are gone. What is solar energy? To fully comprehend this, background information must be presented. How did we get to the point we are at now? Most people look to the 1973 oil embargo, where Arab delegates announced they’d no longer be shipping petroleum oil to countries, such as the U.S., who had supported Israel in their conflict with Egypt. About the same time as this was announced, members of OPEC agreed to quadruple world oil prices. Focus then turned to solar energy. With barely any oil being imported, the Federal government started putting close to $400 million per year for research on solar energy. The facts were and still are ever-present: oil, coal, and nuclear energy are depletable, causing a massive amount of pollutive particles to go up into the air, which in turn causes a bounty of problems. On the other hand, solar energy is clean and renewable with no bad after effects. The actual definition of solar energy is “energy from the sun that’s converted into thermal or electric energy.” The terminology used when discussing solar energy may be complex and difficult to understand to the average Joe. This is because not much has been done to try and explain the uses or even the way this system operates to the public. The money allocated by the government has seemed to go towards research instead of encouraging and educating the people about the benefits of renewable energy. The breakdown shows us that ... ... middle of paper ... ...exchanger, radiant floor, low consumption plumbing, fresh air intake, and propane for heat, cooking, and drying of clothes. These are the essentials of one solar powered house. Yes it sounds like a lot of work, but the same amount goes into a regular home. Some solar- homeowners are attracted by the low cost of monthly bills, others by the practicality. Whichever, the benefits to the inhibitors and the environment are well worth the time and money spent. In summation, we can change the world like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young once said. It can start with one person, but will need more support in order to flourish. Solar energy is not the answer to all of the world’s problems. There are constant new ones emerging each day as we humans make our everlasting impact on the planet. Yet, to get something done, one must do it himself using whatever it takes. Partnerships, group aid awareness, community action, maybe even wars, but the time for action is quickly passing us by. The environment in which we all live in and by depends on us and the way we live in this world. With voice, action, education, and funding we will start to see a new and better future.

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